Stop Snoring Home Remedy - A Product Review

Forgive me telling my story but it may sound familiar. I hadn’t always been a snorer (I used to poke fun at those who were!) but about 3 years ago I started. I was totally unaware that I was snoring as at those early stages as it didn’t really affect me.

My wife started to comment on it saying it was disturbing her sleep but to be honest I thought she was exaggerating. The only time my snoring actually woke me up was indirectly when my wife gave me an elbow to make me stop!

Joking aside, after several months my wife really began to give me a hard time about it and it got to the point where I was waking myself up because of the snoring. It was leaving me tired and irritable the next day. I was more concerned about my wife as we were rowing over this.

Things came to a head when one night she actually recorded my snoring on her cell fone and played it back to me the following day. I was shocked and embarrassed at how loud I actually sounded. More shocking for me was she moved into the spare room for good.

Now this upset me and I decided to seek help. I visited my doctor and he suggested I quit excessive drinking. Now I don’t drink every night but I like a beer at the weekends. I even went to the bar with my wife on Fridays (as usual) and didn’t drink anything! No difference that night - snoring!

I wasn’t overweight or a smoker yet I still continued to snore. I was now trying anything on the advice of friends - anti-snoring pillows and all sorts of weird and wonderful devices. Unfortunately they had little or no effect. I reluctantly returned to my doctor as I was now averaging about three and a half hours sleep per night.

My doctor recommended I have surgery to correct the problem. I hate the thought of surgery. Somnoplasty (or radio-frequency ablation) is designed to shrink unused tissue of the soft palate. It takes about 30 minutes under local or general anaesthesia. This inner tissue below the soft palate is heated to about 85 degrees resulting in scarring.

The treated tissue reduces in volume as the heated cells die (and are removed by the immune system) over the next 4-6 weeks. I did not want surgery but at this stage I was desperate.

I was telling a guy at work the next day about it and he thought I was nuts! Mike immediately told me about The Stop Snoring Exercise Program. He said his father had used it with great success and recommended it to anybody with a snoring problem.

I bought the The Stop Snoring Exercise Program (it has an 8 week refund guarantee so I thought what the heck). It worked! Christian Goodman’s method gets to the root of ANY snoring problem. This method is entirely natural. You will learn:

  • The most important and most little known breathing exercise that changes the way you breathe everyday… which removes tension that blocks your throat and makes you snore.
  • An easy way to fake yawning over and over again… that completely opens up the throat.
  • The 2 single most effective sleeping positions that diminish 90% of snoring the very first night you use them!
  • What you can do with a soda bottle cap and a newspaper… that completely opens up the throat in just 2 minutes. (This is also used by singing pro’s - you’ll be amazed at how this feels!)
  • How 3 extra pillows, when used correctly, can instantly open up your airways and stop your snoring.
  • An unexpected but startling 15 minute exercise that could release mental tension that is cramping up your neck muscles… and ends your snoring for days every time you use it.
  • The 3 single most awkward looking (but extremely powerful!) exercises to strengthen the tongue, that cures the majority of snorers… even if you don’t exercise anything else.
  • How these same simple exercises can even treat a serious snoring disorder like “sleep apnea” (This startling exercise is so powerful, it cured my sleep apnea in the first week… however, if you have sleep apnea, you should also consult a doctor ).

Christian has also downloaded his methods onto audio for our convenience and it is clear and straightforward.

Now I’ll be honest here. Christian promises a permanent cure from snoring in 2-4 weeks. I achieved my total cure in a little over 4 weeks but that said , somebody I mentioned this product to nailed in 2 weeks. I’ve got my life (and my wife back! This one works!

To learn more click The Stop Snoring Exercise Program